Teltonika RUT240

Teltonika RUT240 is the new LTE 4G Router that provides a cheap 4G connectivity solution for M2M remote monitoring and management applications such as 4G CCTV for users that want a low cost 4G router with 2 x Ethernet Ports and WiFi.


Teltonika claim that the RUT240 has a maximum download speed of up to 70Mbps, this is slower than many other 4G routers that use CAT4 LTE 4G Modems but should suffice for the majority of 4G M2M applications.

Whilst many manufacturers are moving to faster 4G LTE modems such as the new CAT6 LTE 4G Modem to provide worldwide connectivity with the fastest 4G speeds, Teltonika have focused upon offering the lowest price product for the cost conscious buyer who want the cheapest product for their application.

The RUT240 provides 2 x Ethernet Ports and WiFi so should be suitable for most users that want a low cost 4G router with basic functionality.