Teletonika RUTX14 LTE CAT12 4G Router

Teltonika announced this week they are launching the RUTX14 Industrial 4G Router. This new, high speed industrial router has an embedded LTE CAT12 4G modem which means that this router can potentially benefit from 4G download speeds of up to 600Mbps and potential upload speeds of up to 100Mbps.


This industrial grade 4G router is designed to provide high speed 4G Internet for M2M applications for remote management and monitoring. This makes the Teltonika RUTX14 the ideal choice of 4G router for 4G CCTV Internet access and other applications that might benefit from high speed 4G mobile broadband connectivity.

Of course, whilst the RUTX14 router from Teltonika may be technically capable of these high upload and download speeds, these are dependant upon the 4G network the router is connected to, but by using the RUTX14 for your M2M installation you can guarantee that you are getting the best chance for the fastest 4G router speeds when compared to installing a lower rated 4G unit.

2 thoughts on “Teletonika RUTX14 LTE CAT12 4G Router”

  1. Hi. Does anyone know if the RUTX14 can finally do IPv6 on the LTE interface (not just “turn on dual-stack”, but actually make use of the provided /64)? This is something we’ve been waiting for for a long time…

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