RUT240 4G Antennas

The Teltonika RUT240 compact 4G router is supplied with 2 x elbow joint 3G/4G antennas and a single WiFi Antenna.

Because the RUT240 is designed for providing remote access over 4G then in most cases it is either installed inside a cabinet, enclosure or kiosk or installed in a remote location and many users will want to replace the supplied antennas with a 4G antenna more suitable for the installation.

For example, if installing the RUT240 in a remote location you may want a high gain external antenna that be be installed outdoors where there is s strong 3G/4G mobile network signal – in this instance you might want to consider something like the Fullband MIMORAD Omni Directional MIMO 4G Antenna which comes supplied with 2 x 5m antenna cables to connect to the 2 x antenna ports of the RUT240 router.

another example may be that the RUT240 is installed inside a roadside cabinet, kiosk or other metal enclosure and you may just need a durable dome or puck style antenna that can he hole mounted through the top of the enclosure and in installations like this you could use the Fullband DOME antenna (FB4GDOME) which is also a MiMo 4G Antenna with 2 x cables to connect to the antenna ports of the RUT240.