eSIM Router

Do you need an eSIM Router? Well, the Teltonika RUT240 is definately not an eSIM router and will not work in the normal way that a 4G eSIM Router will work, in the respect that you can just provide the router IMEI to your chosen Fixed IP eSIM provider and they can activate the router with the desired connection.

However the RUT240 4G Router will be able to work with some hybrid eSIM Card solutions that require an eSIM to be inserted into the router and then the service provider that you have chosen as your initial Fixed IP eSIM provider can provide a service and can change the carrier for you but you may still be tied to the initial eSIM service provider which means that if you need to change to a new Fixed IP eSIM provider in the future you will still need to visit site to remove the Fixed IP eSIM from your primary eSIM service provider and insert the new SIM card which of course is time consuming and expensive, especially when dealing with alot of sites.

So if you require a 4G eSIM router that does not rely on a physical 4G eSIM card being inserted into the router then there are currently no Teltonika routers available that provide this but you can purchase a 4G eSIM Router or 5G eSIM router from Proroute Ltd – available through Millbeck Communications Ltd or 3G Router Store.

Products such as the Neowave G5500E 5G eSIM Router which can work with a normal 4G or 5G Fixed IP SIM Card, but can also operate with a true eSIM mobile connection, without requiring a physical SIM card to be inserted into the eSIM router making it the ideal 4G and 5G eSIM router solution for your M2M remote management and monitoring application where you want to be able to easily manage the ongoing 4G or 5G Fixed IP SIM Card rental and connectivity costs and removing the need for costly site visits when changing your Fixed IP SIM Card provider.