RUT240 4G Router

Welcome to the dedicated RUT240 4G Router website where we will provide you with everything you need to know about this compact 4G Router.


The RUT240 provides an embedded 4G Modem with single SIM card slot, with easy SIM access via SIM tray on the side of the router.  It will work with all UK mobile phone networks for 4G and 3G mobile broadband Internet connectivity and uses a standard size SIM card.  Of course, this 4G router will work with 3G or 4G Fixed IP SIM cards which is the preferred method of providing remote access to the router and connected devices.

Because this is an industrial router designed for M2M remote management and monitoring it would usually be used with a Fixed IP SIM Card to provide convenient and reliable remote access to the router and connected devices.

Teltonika RUT240 Compact 4G Router Applications.

The Teltonika RUT240 LTE 4G Router can be used for a variety of applications.

RUT240 Applications

It has LAN connectivity by way of 2 x Ethernet Ports (primarily 1 x LAN and 1 x WAN but WAN can be converted to second LAN port) and the 4G-RUT240 also includes built-in WiFi hotspot for connection of WiFi devices.



4G (LTE) – CAT 4 up to 70 Mbps
3G – Up to 42 Mbps
2G – Up to 236.8 Kbps
WiFi – Up to 150 Mbps
Ethernet – 2 ports


Digital output – 1
DIN – digital input – 1
1x LAN 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
1x WAN 10/100Mbps Ethernet ports
IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi standards
Durable aluminum housing
Power over Ethernet (not compliant with IEEE 802.3af – 2003)
Mobile antenna type – 2x SMA for LTE
WiFi antenna type – 1 x RP-SMA
Input voltage range – 9-30 VDC
Operating temperature range – -40°C to 75° C
Storage temperature range – -45ºC to 80º C
Power consumption – < 5W
Mounting options – DIN RailWall
LED indication – 3x connection status, 5x connection strength, 1x Power


– Bridge mode
– Static routes
– Wireless Hotspot
– Wireless Client
– Wireless AP
Ping reboot
– Periodic reboot
– Real-time graphs
– Backup WAN
– Mobile Traffic counter
– Connection status overview bar
– Configuration backup/restore
– IPsec
– GRE Tunnel
– OpenVPN
– L2TP
– SNMP Trap
– Send/receive SMS
– Status via SMS
– SMS reboot
– Mobile enable/disable via SMS
– Wireless enable/disable via SMS
– OpenVPN enable/disable via SMS
– Web Filter
– Mobile Data Limit
– Configuration Profiles
– Event logging
– Call Utilities
– Disable Roaming
– Access control safety
– Firewall
– IP/MAC filter
– DHCP server
– Dynamic DNS
– RMS support

Ordering Code : RUT240

Do You Want To Buy The Teltonika RUT240 4G Router?

The Teltonika RUT240 compact LTE 4G router will be available from June or July 2017 and will replace the RUT500 3G Router.

The router is supplied with 2 x WiFi antennas, 2 x cell Antennas, 1 x Patch lead and 1 x UK Mains Power Adapter.

the 4G-RUT240 Router DOES NOT Include the DIN Rail mounting kit which is available to purchase separately.

RUT240 Web User Interface

Below you can see a quick overview of the 4G-RUT240 Web Interface.

Teltonika 5G Router

There is currently no 5G router option available from Teltonika. However, it is expected that Teltonika will shortly announce the launch of a new 5G M2M Router, maybe just a re-hashed RUT950 router with a 5G modem inside, or maybe one of their office 5G routers like the RUTX12 with a 5G modem. When they have a 5G router it will be ideal for 5G CCTV, Office 5G router connectivity or high speed 5G Internet ideal for use as homeworker 5G router solution.

The Teltonika 5G router should be competitively priced to compete with other low cost M2M 5G routers, for example the Robustel R5020 router.

IoT SIM Cards

If you are using the RUT240 / RUT200 for M2M / IoT remote access and monitoring then we recommend using a roaming SIM card which can be provided with or without a fixed, public IP address. The benefit of a roaming IoT SIM card is that it can automatically switch to an alternative 4G network in the event that the network being used becomes unavailable. This means that the Teltonika RUT200, which only has a single SIM card slot can use all four networks, the equivalent of having a 4G router with 4 SIM slots for network failover.